What is the best straightener for your hair type?

There are several types of straighteners / plates currently available on the market. There are several types of materials and you should take this into account when choosing a hair straightener.

There are straighteners that damage more than others, there are some that are more suitable for straightening thicker hair, with chemicals, etc. This all depends on the type of material that each one has.

Some types of materials that exist:

  • Metal
  • Ceramics
  • Tourmaline (Tourmaline)
  • Titanium (Titanium)
  • etc.


Straighteners with metal plates are the cheapest and are not the most suitable for any type of hair!
They don't heat up quickly and when they do they don't do it evenly, thus causing sensitive spots on the plates that can burn your hair.

This type of straightener can cut the strands and leave the hair looking unhealthy!
NEVER use a straightener with metal plates, it's like a frying pan for your hair, just fry it!


straighteners are the most popular and also the most seen on the market. They are generally cheaper than other types of Tourmaline or Titanium straighteners.
It is good for smoothing and straightening hair at low temperatures.
Ceramic plates are a good bet for those with fine and wavy hair (hair types 2A to 3A). You can explore even more related article at Kalista Salon for additional insights.


Its ionic technology releases a flow of negative ions that will neutralize the positive ions in the hair strands, thus sealing the cuticles. This results in shiny, frizz-free hair, makes hair strands more reflective of light and eliminates static electricity.

If you use this type of straightener, you only have to pass it through each lock of hair only once to get good results. That is, it decreases heat damage and makes hair look healthier.
They are suitable for those with very dry hair or with some type of chemistry.


Titanium is the only material that offers a high level of straightening, while giving shine to the hair and avoiding excessive heat damage.

Titanium is an excellent heat conductor and therefore keeps the flat iron at a stable temperature for a longer time, smoothing out quickly and ensuring greater protection to the wires.

This type of material heats up faster than ceramic tiles. So, if you are one of those impatient people who hate to wait until the straightener heats up, titanium plates are a good option for you!

The durability of titanium plates is also far superior to that of ceramic. They withstand high temperatures perfectly and yet resist corrosion. Titanium straighteners last long and long years.

Generally straighteners with titanium plates are lighter than ceramic straighteners.
It is easy to distinguish a titanium plate with a ceramic one due to its appearance ... Titanium plates are mirrored.
If you have hair with some type of chemical (hair straightening, brush, etc.) or you have hair type 3C or 4, the straightener with titanium plates is the most suitable for you!

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